Welcome to my Homepage.

My name is Claus Kostka. Since 37 years i am happy to support people to find out who they really are and then live this way. What does this mean? I am absolutely convinced that everyone of us has a unique calling in this world and that every human being has the potential to hear, trust and follow the calling of his soul. Sometimes the things we have experienced in our life are more of a burden than a support. ‘Deep Soulbreathing’, developed in 30 years of work by me and ‘So(u)lutions’ (systemic constellation work), are wonderfull tools to detect old patterns and lose your hold of them. Please take a moments time, browse through the seminar descriptions and find out, if they might support you in your current lifesituation. If you have questions just call and we find out together.
Yours sincerely !

Claus Kostka