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From Entanglement into the souls’ clarity

Everyone has come into this world to find out what is ‘his’. To express himself, to find ones’ place, to experience fulfillment.
Often our path seems to be very stressful and we do feel restricted and our self-expression is constrained.
There might be a chance that we are entangled within our familysystem. This means we have taken on tasks and burdens which are not really ours or carry things from the past unknowingly.

By setting up our familysystem with so called representatives, we carefully understand the hidden dynamics. Then we can transform the the system very respectfully and attentively towards a good and new solution. Thus we open a new inner image for our soul that gives possibilty for real change.

Using this form of grouptherapy we can:

  • understand entanglements, resolve them and make new decisions
  • settle relations
  • understand family problems and solve them (divorce, sickness, death, etc.)
  • clear our professional situation
  • learn to be compassionate and to have boundaries
  • find healing ressources for problems of our bodies

Who does not want to do a constellation himself but wants to find out about the process (or wants to come back after a previous workshop to reconnect to the energy of this work) has the opportunity to come as ‘participating observer’. That means, that you will not constellate something from your own life, but you can be asked to be a representative in other peoples constellations. This in itself is a highly satisfying experience and opens new dimensions.

This experience was for me like a scene from someone else’s life. In fact I realized that my reality versus the reality of the situation was different. After the initial shock, I realized that it comes from within me, I experienced feelings of peace and understanding and I am confident in what follows in my life.
I am grateful for all the lessons from this weekend and look forward to the next constellation. Thank you!
I., Economist

I feel this weekend is an important moment of my life. I am grateful to the person who suggested me to come.
I really wish to come next seminary because I want to be a participant ( now I was for the first time as an observer ) and to start closing the chapters from my family’s past that I feel are a great influence in my present life. I wish this much more as I just start a family and want a baby. Also my partner will participate in this seminar for our new family to start from 0.
At this point I think that after my partner and I will “wrap accounts” with our present and past family, we need to attend some individual sessions with Claus, to recharge our batteries for our future life.
A., Medic

Claus is a professional which I recommend with confidence. Manage the process with impeccable craftsmanship. I have a great respect for his work and a great admiration for what he is as a person.
I recommend his guidance and I am grateful I have the opportunity to work with him.
D., Communication advisor

I attended two sessions of Family Constellation. Both times I experienced things that I can not explain rationally, rather than admitting that there is a world beyond anything that we live and where we are all connected to. I will definitely return. It changed my life.
A., Manager

Did the seminars have a hugely positive influence on you as well? Feel free to share your experiences with us.

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