Accepted training in systemic constellation work (DGfS)

‘As long as our ancestors are still suffering within us, we cannot truly be happy. If we make a step with awareness, free happily touching the earth, we do this for all the past and future generations. They all arrive at the same moment we arrive and we all find peace at the same time.’
Thich Nhat Hahn

The training for becoming a Systemic Constellation Facilitator is available in Germany, France and Romania so far.

The trainee may apply for certification at the German Association for Systemic Constellations (DGfS) by presenting the training certificate, a personal recommendation of the trainer and a proof of sufficient advisory skills. With receiving this certification the trainee will be listed as Constellation Facilitator on the DGfS homepage. The certification at DGfS requires certain costs which are not included in the training fee.

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