My intention

Every human being is unique, complete, whole. There is nothing we have to achieve, because everything we look for, we wish or we desire is already there – for everybody.

In our ongoing history we all take on a well tailored identity, led by the wish to handle circumstances as good as possible and to be loved. The price we pay is the loss of our genuineness and spontaneity. We call this pressure and struggle that has been created by us ‘life‘. In order to stand this situation we start blaming others for what is going on in our life. We think, we are no longer responsible for our own creation.

At the end of the day this means: I have neither the power and nor the possibility to create my life actively.

Here our joint work starts: I’d like you to actively find out, who you really are and and how you can ‘come home’ again. Going the therapeutic path helps you to experience the difference between your reality and your story about yourself. Simultaneoulsly your power increases and enables you to make new and different decisions. You start to create your life again actively, willingly and lovingly.

I use a composition of different methods and therapeutic elements: body oriented psychotherapy, Deep Soulbreathing – healing breathwork, Systemic Constellation Work, Cathexis therapy – which i customize to your needs. Being a member in one of my workshops also enables you to meet other people who have embarked on the same journey and long lasting relations can develop.

I am happy to be able to be a guide for a path that allows people to rediscover themselves and to start to radiate from the inside out again.