Couples therapy

According to my experience we do sometimes losse the focus for what is neccessary in our longterm relationships and families. We start to waste our energy in minor matters. We concentrate more on what divides us then on what unites us.

Such a way of being with one another kills alive relationships, destroys families and leaves nothing but pain and bitterness.
Oftentimes a few sessions are enough to get rid of unclarity, to open up things that were buried deep down, to unravel confusion, and to restructure the realtionship anew.
I am happy to give the missing impulses.

Urachstr. 25, 79102 Freiburg

60 min: 110 EUR
90 min: 140 EUR

For making an appointment please call:
Claus Kostka 0049 177 166 16 31

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Office Claus Kostka
Urachstr. 25 – Freiburg