About Deep Soulbreathing

Using your breath as royal road to yourself

The Deep Soulbreathing is the result of 30 years developpement, tracing, moving on and transforming. It is a powerfull and lasting way of doing body psychotherapy.
I started with a training in Primaltherapy with Dr. H.v.d.Osten, then i was trained and inspired by K.Scheres ‘Intuitive Breathing’.

Using these experiences i have been building the system of Deep Soulbreathing. In this way of working, the breath is something like a skeleton key that allows access to the hidden contens of the soul.
Art Janov, the father of primal therapy one said, that the breath is the royal road into the unconscious. I can only reinforce that – and it is even much more.
If we work with our breath the healing way as it is done in Deep Soubreathing we use a bridge which does lead us carefully but directly into our souls’ kingdom. There we discover the matrix which means fullfilment for us.
And that is, what i am really intersted in:
how does the human being opposite me find fullfilment, health and peace.
Outside of individual sessions you can experience the Deep Soulbreathing in 3 different ways

Deep Soulbreathing – basic weekend
We experience the basics of DSB and start practicing it with our own pace. Friday is meant to break the ice, Saturday is devoted to the breathwork, sunday is meant to complete what is still open.
We do not provide food and shelter.

We meet 4,5 days in a nice seminarhouse somewhere in the countryside. We will be taken care of in terms of food and shelter and everyone can completely devote his time to the questions he came with. The day is started with meditation and the most space is given to the breathwork with which we clear ostacles and open up new spaces for us. Exercises from other areas of bodypsychotherapy, therapy of arts and councelling help to understand and to integrate the effects of the DSB

Deep Soulbreathing – Die Atemwoche
There are people who make a distinction between their life before and after the Atemwoche- Why is that ?

By healing childhoodwounds we set free vitality and joy of life. We see and understand the structures and patterns which restrict our self expression and we can transform them. The way every participant gets to know himself enables deep soulcontact and lasting maturation.
6 days we use the transforming power of breath to cross old pain and hardship in order to enter in new areas of strenght and fullfilment.