This experience was for me like a scene from someone else’s life. In fact I realized that my reality versus the reality of the situation was different. After the initial shock, I realized that it comes from within me, I experienced feelings of peace and understanding and I am confident in what follows in my life.
I am grateful for all the lessons from this weekend and look forward to the next constellation. Thank you!
I., Economist

I feel this weekend is an important moment of my life. I am grateful to the person who suggested me to come.
I really wish to come next seminary because I want to be a participant ( now I was for the first time as an observer ) and to start closing the chapters from my family’s past that I feel are a great influence in my present life. I wish this much more as I just start a family and want a baby. Also my partner will participate in this seminar for our new family to start from 0.
At this point I think that after my partner and I will “wrap accounts” with our present and past family, we need to attend some individual sessions with Claus, to recharge our batteries for our future life.
A., Medic

Claus is a professional which I recommend with confidence. Manage the process with impeccable craftsmanship. I have a great respect for his work and a great admiration for what he is as a person.
I recommend his guidance and I am grateful I have the opportunity to work with him.
D., Communication advisor

I attended two sessions of Family Constellation. Both times I experienced things that I can not explain rationally, rather than admitting that there is a world beyond anything that we live and where we are all connected to. I will definitely return. It changed my life.
A., Manager